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I’ve been lucky enough to find my passion early in life, and that passion is for making music on the guitar. Ever since I picked a guitar up I’ve been fascinated with the inner workings of music both in theory and in practice. Since then I’ve extensively studied music history, theory, and the guitar, been able to secure a spot studying jazz music at Butler University in Indianapolis with a big scholarship, and I’ve been able to explore the essence and inspiration I have for music through composition and performance. I wouldn’t trade the opportunities I’ve been given for the world, and I only plan to further my career with hard work and curiosity.

As a college music student, I’m trying to learn as much as I can about the music industry around me and how I can successfully become a part of it. In doing so I’m performing, teaching, and recording with as many people as I possibly can to carve out my career in music. This site serves as something of a resume and timeline for potential clients and anyone generally interested in the music I make.


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