An Incredible Christmas Present

Posted by Jake Small Category: Gift

This holiday season, I found myself with the Tascam US 4×4 Audio Interface and having played around with it for an incredible amount of consecutive hours, I can confirm that it is incredible. I’ve been plugging in amplifiers, microphones, and using MIDI devices to record what I want, THEN edit the sound. The “then” part is important to me after a previous experience with recording. As relative newbies to recording our own music past what the iPhone offers, a couple friends and I got together, pooled our resources, and decided to record a few of the originals we all wrote. The problem was that we only had a few mixing cords, a bunch of quarter inches, and some free mixing software that may or may not have been legit (the real problem is that we were really just recording with trial and error, and there were a lot of errors). During those few excruciating sessions, we figured out that we had to dial in the levels, everything from volume to reverb and more, before we started recording. This proved incredibly difficult since there were about six of us crammed in a small percussion studio all trying to solo and accompany at varying times. Having an audio interface, however, solves all the problems we had using trial and error on a few mixing boards. Now, as long as I can hook everything up right, I can record, then level everything post-recording. This will save, a ton of sweat, tears, and more importantly, time. Soon enough I’ll be posting recordings I make with this fancy new device and you can hear for yourself!

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