Chick Corea at the GSC

Posted by Jake Small Category: Combo, Jazz

Went to go see Chick Corea at Xavier University’s own Gallagher Student Center last night. The trio featured long time Bill Evan’s bass player Eddie Gomez and drummer Brian Blade as well as Chick himself. They did a bunch of standards as well as Chick’s originals. As soon as the band got out on stage, everyone in the crowd got up and clapped. Funny how without playing a single note they get a standing ovation. When they did play music, however, they had a particularly beautiful take on “Darn That Dream” that featured Eddie Gomez on the melody. Going was an incredible experience, the venue was great and the show was even better. The Gallagher Student Center has an incredible line up for the rest of the show season, including The Bad Plus and Christian McBride, and Chick Corea has events and shows throughout the globe with big bands, Elektric bands, and more. chick-corea

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