Goin’ To Kansas City

Posted by Jake Small Category: Combo, Jazz

For the past few days I’ve been in Kansas City experiencing the history of jazz at 18th and Vine. They often say “Jazz was born in New Orleans, but grew up here in Kansas City”, and its absolutely true. Greats like Charlie Parker and Count Basie still have influence in the players and performers that call Kansas City their home. I went and saw the Jazz Museum and even got to go to two shows in the Blue Room connected to it.  The first night I saw a group called The Truth which played a lot of funk, R&B, and soul. It was great hearing the beauty of major seventh chords in action on an electric piano with the melodic bass lines. The night after, I saw a group called True Dig, which was a lot more classic jazz oriented. With upright bass and a guitar player with a sweet Gibson L-5, I knew it would be a swingin’ night as soon as the singer called up “Straight, No Chaser”, and I wasn’t disappointed. There were incredible musicians and great culture to be experienced there, I’ll definitely be going back, hopefully even playing at a venue sometime!Jake at the Blue Room Kansas City, Mo

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