Meeting Delfeayo Marsalis

Delfeayo Marsalis
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Delfeayo Marsalis

Its funny how lady luck and coincidence can work together sometimes. About a week ago, I was presented with a window of opportunity to meet/play for a Jazz Master and let me just say, I capitalized on the opportunity. Mr. Marsalis was the guest artist for an honor band I happened to be selected for. Hearing Delfeayo blow over the Tin Roof Blues instilled a new sense of the word “soul” for me. His straight out of New Orleans soul was contagious, and I sure caught the sounds he was making. Coincidentally, Mr. Marsalis left his mute on my stand, which gave me the opportunity to catch him and talk outside of the rehearsal setting. After getting to know him and just making sure he knew my name, I gave him my card/contact information. I plan on going down to New Orleans in the summer, where Mr. Marsalis told me to come find him at a club down there. While a lot of the connecting I did over the weekend can be attributed to my own charisma, coincidence and lady luck definitely worked in my favor.

Delfeayo Marsalis has been an incredibly influential player in the jazz, recording, and composition industries for a great deal of his life. Coming from one of the most successful musical families today, Dealfeayo Marsalis



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